BookTubeaThon: Day Six

My bookshelves are invaded by a little green monster! Agh! There’s a lizard hiding behind one of my bookshelves! Come out and face me like a man, you green-lipped coward! ‪#‎bookshelfproblems‬ This bookshelf-lurking lizard is putting a damper on my ‪#‎reading‬. He pokes his head out, then darts away before I can catch him. ‪#‎sly‬ ‪#‎evil‬ I think he might be a ‪#‎Slytherin‬ He’s devious, toying with me. Get out of my ‪#‎bookshelf‬, you little green dude!

BookTubeaThon: Day Four

On Day Four, I get distracted from reading and scramble desperately to catch up! Can I reach my reading goal for the day?? Watch to find out!
BookTubeaThon Day One:
BookTubeaThon Day Two:
BookTubeaThon Day Three:

BookTube-a-thon TBR


The books I plan on reading this coming week for the Readathon, and a LOT of bloopers. My mouth gives me difficulties.

I know this video looks long, but there are a full two minutes of bloopers at the end! That’s why it looks longer. haha!
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