Non-Fiction Review: I Brushed My Hair Today: A Mom Journal

I Brushed My Hair Today by Karen Johnson
I Brushed My Hair Today: A Mom Journal for Mostly Together Moms
by Karen Johnson

1 star

I was shocked and unhappy to see the F-word and the S-word on the very first page. You would think that a journal about parenting would at least be PG. There is profanity found in many other places as well. I think I counted over 25 nasty words in the whole book. I did not appreciate that, and I think it’s very out of place in this type of book.

This journal has mostly blank-lined pages with funny quotes about parenting. There are quotes from famous people about being a mother, as well as funny stories about parenting mishaps. There are also journaling prompts that ask questions about your favorite thing your child does to make you laugh, or the worst mess your child has made. Continue reading

Non-Fiction Review: Lactivate!

LACTIVATE! by Jill Krause
LACTIVATE!: A User’s Guide To Breastfeeding
by Jill Krause, Chrisie Rosenthal IBCLC

5 out of 5 stars

This book has worlds of information about every conceivable situation that might come up while breastfeeding a baby. Whether to use formula, how to encourage baby to latch on, bonding with baby right after birth, breast milk storage guidelines, how to use a breast pump, even what to do if baby is in NICU. There are charts for tracking feeding times, tracking baby’s weight, instructions on burping baby, changing diapers, and how to know if something is wrong with baby’s digestion.

One of the things I really loved about this book are the inspirational quotes reassuring a new mom that she is doing great, she has the right to choose whatever she wants to do for herself and her child, and that each baby will be different. There is no guilt and no shame in doing what is best for your own well-being and for the health of your child! Continue reading