MKs in Colombia

These MKs in Colombia are discovering a new love for reading!

Here’s what one Missionary Mom wrote to me today…

“Not a day has gone by since that they haven’t wanted to read a book. This is so encouraging to me, especially as I worried about my son not being interested in reading or learning how to read before! They have a renewed interest in reading now, so thank you so much for that!  I think it really helps to have some new, exciting books rather than just the same, few old ones we had before.” – Missionary in Colombia

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We desperately need funds to cover the cost of postage and to buy more books. Help us put a smile on these MKs faces and reading material in their hands!

Missionary Kids Love Books!

kids books

These sweet children in Bulgaria just received a book package from Books for MKs, and they look really excited! What a blessing to see the smiles on their faces, and know that a love for reading is being kindled in their hearts.

Donate NOW to send out books to these children and other MKs like them! Every penny you donate goes to pay for the postage to mail books to the MKs. Click the link below to safely DONATE at GoFundMe!