Minion Book Review

Here’s my review of “Minion” by John David Anderson!
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Book Review: Minion

Minion by John David Anderson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Michael Morn might be a villain, but he’s really not a bad guy. When you live in New Liberty, there are no Supers and only two kinds of people: those who turn to crime and those who suffer. Michael and his adoptive father spend their days building boxes—special devices with mysterious abilities—that they sell to the mob at a price. They provide for each other, they look out for each other, and they’d never betray each other.

But then a Super comes to town, and Michael’s world is thrown into disarray. The Comet could destroy everything Michael and his dad have built, the safe and secure life they’ve made for themselves. And now Michael and his father face a choice: to hold tight to their life or to let it unravel. -GoodReads

This is such a fantastic book! A perfect companion novel to SideKicked. This story is told from the perspective of the “bad guys” and criminals, hoping not to be caught by the superheroes. It’s not a sequel to SideKicked though, because all the characters are new. Different people, different city, different story.

I thought it was very interesting that the word “minion” comes from and old French word “mignon” meaning “darling”. It explores the meaning of good and evil and the limits of family relationships, friendships, and romance. Really deep stuff, but told with such an action-filled plot and beautifully complex characters. This book tugged at my soul! Continue reading