Book Review: The White Knight, the Lost Kingdom & the Sea Princess

The White Knight, the Lost Kingdom & the Sea Princess by Judy Carlson

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

“Prince Lael must prove his strength and loyalty when challenged by an insidious enemy.  Clara and Ian, two kids from Minnesota, will join the adventure to free a captive Sea Princess, battle evil, and overcome lurking temptations. They will meet the legendary White Knight and along the way gain wisdom, love, and friendships.” – GoodReads

I had high expectations from this book since I love fantasy, I was told that it is similar to Narnia, and I had met and liked the author. Plus the cover design is absolutely gorgeous! So when I very quickly began to be disappointed, I tried to lower my expectations and continue on. I tried to reason away the many flaws in the writing. I tried to overlook the lack of structure in the story. I tried and failed. I wanted so badly to like this book! (sigh.) Alas, it was not to be.

I read through page 57, because I always give every book at least 50 pages to prove their worth, but then I just had to stop. I can’t finish this. It grates on my nerves so badly! Continue reading