Non-Fiction Review: Herbalism at Home

Herbalism at Home by Kristine Brown
Herbalism at Home: 125 Recipes for Everyday Health
by Kristine Brown

4 out of 5 stars

Part One of this book talks about the history and benefits of herbalism, equipment and basic ingredients that you need to make the herbal recipes, and an encyclopedia of common herbs and their uses. This includes instructions for drying your own herbs, and types of poultices, syrups, powders, and massage oils. There is an entire chapter with advice on making your own herbal teas, tinctures, tonics, elixirs, salves, ointments, and baths.

Part Two is the actual recipes for herbal mixtures, including remedies for cough, asthma, digestive troubles, nausea, eczema, bug bites, cuts and scrapes, acne, earache, lice, warts, chickenpox, bladder infections, menstrual cramps, hair loss, acid reflux, diabetes, tinnitus, and dozens more. There are also blends for emotional relief from anxiety, insomnia, stress, depression, and PTSD. Continue reading