Book/ Game Review: Build a Castle

Archicards by Paul Farrell
Archicards: Build a Castle
by Paul Farrell

5 out of 5 stars

This game has 64 cards that are designed with the towers, turrets, windows, portcullis, flags, and shields of a medieval castle. Each card has cut-out slots so that you can connect them with each other to build a 3D puzzle of a castle in any shape you want! The cards are sturdy cardboard, and printed with bright colors and a simple design.

I can’t stop playing this game! Every day for the last several days, I sit down and construct something new. I’ve done three individual towers, two towers with a bridge in between, one long building, and one L-shaped building with one big tower. I keep changing it up, and I feel so creative! It’s completely fascinating because it fires up my imagination and there are so many options for how to put the castle together. Continue reading