NonFiction Book Review: Family Tree Workbook

Family Tree Workbook by Brian Sheffey
Family Tree Workbook: 30+ Step-by-Step Worksheets to Build Your Family History
by Brian Sheffey

4 out of 5 stars

If you are doing any kind of genealogy research, this book will help to organize the information, catalogue the facts, and track all the records of your family history. This book also includes wonderful advice about how to find US Census documents, death and birth records, and marriage records of your ancestors. There are also worksheets to use when interviewing family members and recording oral history. There is a log for cataloging family heirlooms, another for charting your distant cousins, and even one for researching the sale of enslaved people.

I do love a good worksheet! But this book takes it to the next level with charts, records, timelines, maps, trackers, logs, medical history, and more. My little organizational heart is so happy with this design! Continue reading