Book Review: The List

The List
The List by Patricia Forde

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I enjoyed this story about a post-apocalyptic society where words are considered dangerous, and people are forced to use only The List, a small selection of words approved by the ruler of their small surviving community. Only the Wordsmith is allowed to know and use words outside of the List.
The main character, Letta, is apprenticed to the Wordsmith, and her love for the beauty of language is a major theme throughout the book. Letta uncovers a plot to rid the entire community of ALL their words, and she is caught in the midst of a desperate rebellion, full of intrigue and adventure. But is Letta willing to risk everything, just to save a few words? Continue reading

Review: Wool: The Graphic Novel

Wool: The Graphic Novel
Wool: The Graphic Novel by Hugh Howey

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Wow! I was blown away by the original novel, and so intrigued by the world of the Silos; so experiencing it again in graphic novel form was wonderful!

I love the artwork, and the mystery. There’s a lot of good suspense put into place just by how the panels are set up and how the dialogue follows from one page to the next. The colors reflect the mood of each chapter, and I love how darkness and light are used to portray the darkness of their ignorance. Continue reading

Book Review: Shades of Grey

Shades of Grey
Shades of Grey by Jasper Fforde

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Gah! The Ending! What?!? My brain can’t stand it, and my heart is limping along all hurt and crushed and stuff. Dis book!

Okay, let me start from the top. This is the story of a dystopian future world where most people can only see one color or some not any color at all. The Greys are looked down on and oppressed by the Colorgentsia, and everyone’s place in society is determined by the percentage of color they can see.
There’s definitely a “1984-Big-Brother” vibe going on with the government controlling every aspect of the citizen’s lives.
In the middle of it all is Eddie, a high-color Red with a bright future, until he meets and instantly falls in love with a Grey named Jane. Jane is involved with some very deep revolutionary stuff, and Eddie gets dragged into it all, somewhat against his will, but mostly because he’s too good-hearted, kind, and morally upright to cheat and play the system like everyone else does. Continue reading