Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who started Books for MKs?

A: Books for MKs was founded by Kailey Bradley, who grew up as an MK and never had enough books to read on the mission field. Kailey is a voracious reader, who reads approximately 185-200 books per year, most of them children’s literature.

Q: What does Books for MKs do?

A: Books for MKs collects used and new books that have been donated or bought at book sales. These books are recorded in a database, where the MKs can choose the books they want to request.  Once the request comes in, Kailey puts the books in a package with a few bookmarks and a note, and mails them all over the world to the MKs!

Q: What is an “MK”?

A: “MK” stands for “Missionary Kid.”  (Sometimes refered to as “TCKs” meaning “Third Culture Kids.”) These are the children of missionaries who have left their home country to preach the Gospel, run an orphanage, help the poor, rescue child slaves, counsel drug addicts, administer vaccines and medical help, and do other amazing work all over the globe.  MKs grow up in a country other than their passport country, and as a result, they do not have access to resources like libraries or bookstores in their native language.

Q: Why is it so important for MKs to have books?

A: Reading is such a huge part of a child’s education, and most MKs are homeschooled by their parents on the field. And also, it’s one of the few things that is not at all available to them in a foreign country. There are no English libraries or bookstores, no educational resources for these children. Books in English are rare and precious to them.

Q: What sort of impact do the book packages have on the MKs?

A: I cannot even describe to you the intense emotional impact that these packages have on an MK! Being a missionary can be very isolating, but a gift of books from your home country is an incredible reminder that you are not alone or forgotten. Usually the missionary parents will receive lots of encouragement and support, but people tend to forget about the children.

And now I see the incredible response from the MKs who receive the books, the massive smiles on their faces, the thank you cards that I get from them. Trust me, God is working to encourage those little hearts, and God is reminding them. You are not alone.

Questions about Donating

Q: How can I donate my used books?

A: You can donate your gently-used books to the MKs by emailing booksformks@gmail.com .

Q: How can I donate financially?

A: You can donate financially at PayPal for either a one-time donation, or a recurring monthly donation.  Every penny is used to pay for postage to get books to the MKs, or to purchase more books for the MKs!  We really need funds for postage and books!
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Q: What if I have a Kindle to donate?

A: You can donate a used but functional Kindle by emailing booksformks@gmail.com .

Q: What kind of books do you accept?

A: All books must be in good condition. They can be gently-used but still readable and clean. NO profanity, sex, drug usage, excessive violence, or offensive content in the books. We also accept books for adults, teens, non-fiction and educational books, and board-books for babies.

Questions from Missionaries

Q: How can I request books for my missionary child?

A: Fill out the Sign Up form on the MKs Sign Up page, and your contact info will go to Kailey Bradley, who will make the book database available to you to request books.

Q: How much does it cost the missionary to receive books?

A: NOTHING!  The books are FREE for missionaries. The postage is paid by Books for MKs. There is no cost to the missionary family, and the books are theirs to keep.

Q: What do I do if my requested books do not arrive?

A: Contact booksformks@gmail.com and we will attempt to track the package of books. International postage is notoriously unreliable, so we try to keep the packages small and manageable.

Q: What if I’m currently on furlough, deputation, vacation in the United States?

A: Please give us a US Address where we can send books to you! We love mailing books within the USA, because we get the media mail discount at the post office, which means we can send more books!

Any other questions? 

Leave a comment below or contact Kailey Bradley at booksformks@gmail.com