Book Review: Frightful’s Mountain

Frightful's Mountain by Jean Craighead George
Frightful’s Mountain (Mountain, #3) 
by Jean Craighead George

3 out of 5 stars

This is my least favorite book in the trilogy, because it mainly focuses on the peregrine falcon, Frightful, and Sam is barely in the story at all. If you are interested in falconry at all, you would LOVE this book! Very informative and dramatic, as Frightful learns to survive in the wild, struggles to find a mate and raise her own chicks, and finds her way back to Sam as a wild bird.
The things I loved about the first two books aren’t in this book though. I loved Sam’s survival story, how he built his house, found his food, and built his furniture and made his own clothes. I like the ingenious ideas, like solving a puzzle and coming up with interesting and unique answers to the problem of surviving on your own in the wild.
But NONE of that is in this book! So I was disappointed that it wasn’t like the first books.

The whole focus is Frightful and her life as a peregrine falcon in the wild. She migrates, fights off poachers, nearly starves in the winter, learns how to mate and raise chicks, and has some great adventures around the Catskill mountains. I just don’t really care that much about birds.

Wonderful writing, of course, and I still enjoyed reading it. Just not my favorite.

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