Graphic Novel Review: The Castoffs

The Castoffs, V.1 by M.K. Reed
The Castoffs, V.1: Mage Against the Machine (Castoffs, #1) 
by M.K. ReedBrian Smith (Writer and Colorist)Molly Ostertag (Illustrator)Wyeth Yates (Illustrator)

3 out of 5 stars on GoodReads

Three apprentice mages are sent on a routine trip to deliver medicinal potions to a neighboring city, but the townspeople are in trouble and only these three uniquely talented magicians can save the people. Saving them without starting another war with the machines might be difficult though.

I liked all three of the girl mages in this book! They have secrets and hidden talents, and a whole lot of snark and conflict in their group, but eventually they learn to trust and respect each other through their perilous journey.

I enjoyed the colorful artwork and interesting plot! I want to keep reading this graphic novel series!

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