Book Review: IS Underground

Is Underground by Joan Aiken
Is Underground (The Wolves Chronicles, #8) 
by Joan Aiken

5 out of 5 stars on GoodReads

I love this 8th book in the Willoughby Chase series! Dido’s little sister, Is, vows to find her long-lost cousin, and ends up looking for a missing prince too. All the children in London are being snatched up and sent to “Playland”, where they are promised treats and games and fun. But the horrible reality is a dark mine where they are forced to work as slaves, and Is has to go underground to continue her search. Is gets unexpected help from some unique and interesting characters, but it is only her fierce determination and street-smarts that will save her cousin and the other children from the horrors of the mines.
I love IS! She is so plucky and fierce and kind. I love her practical common sense, her “no foolishness” approach to every problem, and her unfailing generosity. She somehow manages to be a realist, with no nonsense about her, but she also is open to believing new ideas, even if they seem impossible and wild. She accepts the reality that is placed before her, and deals with it accordingly. I really admire that about her, because I’m a person who is always caught up in fantasy and wishing, without focusing on what is really real, so I waste a lot of time and energy trying to cope/accept the real situation. Is can be so deliciously REAL, and you see that in her relationships with the other characters.

I love how quickly the plot moves along. I love the creepy scenery of the underground mines. I love the weird and strange characters that IS meets along the way! I love it all!

The writing, as with all Joan Aiken’s books, really pulls you into the story, describes the scene in a few well-chosen words, and puts you right into the characters’ shoes, creating a strong emotional connection to the characters. Excellent and imaginative writing!

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