Book Review: Miss Bianca in the Antarctic

Miss Bianca in the Antarctic by Margery Sharp
Miss Bianca in the Antarctic 
by Margery Sharp

3 out of 5 stars on GoodReads

Miss Bianca, Bernard, and Nils are together again, determined to rescue their Norwegian poet friend, who is once again a prisoner, this time in the frozen wastelands of the Antarctic. They encounter some friendly penguins, some not-so-friendly polar bears (who are visiting through an exchange program), and one egotistical Emperor penguin who threatens to keep everyone prisoner for eternity.

This book is not my favorite in the series. It lacked imagination, although there are a few clever little characters. Mostly the story lacked any structure or suspense. I was disappointed that the poet is rescued almost immediately, and then Miss Bianca and Bernard spend the rest of the time just meeting various arctic animals. I was also disappointed that Nils is only present in a couple of chapters at the beginning. I wanted to see Nils working with the team again!
Still a fun little book in the series and worth the read, but not the best.

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