Book Review: The Heart of Princess Osra

The Heart Of Princess Osra by Anthony Hope
4 out of 5 stars on GoodReads
This book is so depressing that it’s actually funny! In every chapter, another poor man is dying, being murdered, committing suicide, going insane, about to be hanged as a criminal, or dying of some horrific illness because his heart is breaking for love of the beautiful Princess Osra. All these poor stupid men, dying because the Princess is beautiful. It’s tragic and funny in its ridiculousness. (I mean, how beautiful could she be? She’s Helen of Troy, apparently.)

I love how chivalrous the noblemen are, and even the common men without riches or titles are full of chivalry and high feelings. The villains are calculating and malicious, and the heroes are completely unselfish and generous and kind. All of them are ready to dare anything, risk bodily harm, fight to the death in impossible duels, and risk their fortunes for the sake of the Princess and their own honor.

Each chapter follows some different escapade of the Princess and her would-be suitors, and I love the high adventure plots. It reminds me of Dumas’ Three Musketeers.

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