Book Review: Death at Glamis Castle

Death at Glamis Castle
Death at Glamis Castle by Robin Paige

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Kate and her husband, Charles, are called up to the mysterious Glamis Castle to covertly search for the missing Prince Eddy, who has been in hiding after his staged death 10 years before. The murder of a local servant-woman, in addition to the disappearance of Prince Eddy, has Kate and Charles scrambling to find out the truth amongst local gossip, rumors, and lying townsfolk.

I enjoyed this mystery, mostly because of the human interest, the little romance woven into it, and the continuing backstory of Charles’ bachelor days before he met Kate. Every character we meet has their own little part to play in the mystery, and their own hopes and motivations that propel them into the adventure or keep them out of it.

The writing is very repetitive, going over the same clues and revelations over and over again as each individual character learns more about the mystery. I got really tired of having to read AGAIN who the murderer was, as first Charles, then Kate, then everybody else discovered the clues. It could have been condensed down into a much shorter book, or even a short story!

Not great literature, but a fun and fluffy read. I keep reading this series because I just love Kate and Charles’ relationship. They are so adorable together!

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