Manga Review: Your Lie In April

四月は君の嘘 1
四月は君の嘘 1 by Naoshi Arakawa

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Kousei is a young pianist who stopped playing the piano when his mother died. When he meets Kaori, a violinist, she sweeps him back into the world of music by insisting that he accompany her in a violin/piano competition. Gradually, Kousei begins to deal with his grief, and finds his way back into living a life with meaning. Although Kaori is wild and full of fun, she is hiding her own dark secret grief.

I have so much love for this series, especially because it is all about musicians, and specifically a pianist. I have played piano and taught piano lessons for more than 20 years, and anything having to do with music is near to my heart. I love how the musicians in this manga are portrayed, full of the love of their artform, full of creativity, and sensitive to beauty in the world around them.

Kaori and Kousei are such wonderful characters! I love the whole gang of friends, and their individual stories. I love how they support and care for one another, always cheering each other on through difficulties.  They find healing and purpose through their music.

The art work is completely gorgeous! Sometimes I just stare at a page and drink it in, all the lovely lines. So beautiful, and the art tells the story so powerfully.

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