Book Review: Terrible, Horrible Edie

Terrible, Horrible Edie
Terrible, Horrible Edie by Elizabeth C. Spykman

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A completely marvelous harbor summer on the beach, messing around with boats, camping out, fishing, surviving a hurricane, and of course catching a burglar or two. When the Cares spend their summer by the ocean, one thing is for certain, that the incomparable Edie will get into trouble in every chapter.

Edie is curious, resourceful, courageous, and has a deliciously rebellious and independent spirit. She is always generous and does her duty, but somehow trouble seems to follow her around. Her hilarious misconceptions about the world lead her into ridiculous situations, such as when she was certain that another Civil War must have started and the enemy were breaking into her house! Haha!

What I love most about Edie is that it never really occurs to her that she CAN’T do something. If she wants to go camping alone, she just goes out and does it. Although she is only ten years old, she never thinks of herself as incapable or too small or weak. Her belief in herself is what fuels the story.

I love the whole fabulous Cares family! Each member of the family has their own personality, their own voice, and their own brand of weirdness. They are all sort of strange and funny people with quirks and foibles strewn about everywhere.

Wonderfully written and endlessly entertaining! I can’t wait to read more from this series!

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