Comic Review: Crogan’s Vengeance

Crogan's Vengeance
Crogan’s Vengeance by Chris Schweizer

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Swashbuckling action on ships in the 1700s Carribean, evil pirates, and some good pirates with ambiguous moral choices, a lightfooted hero, and a few sharks and storms at sea… this book has everything you need in a graphic novel about pirate adventure!

Crogan, a simple sailor with a good heart, is pressed into a pirate gang and has to keep his wits about him to stay on the winning side when pirates turn against each other.
I love the artwork (very comic style), and the action, but the characters and plot are what really pull this story forward.

Crogan is a wonderful character, because he is not the “perfect” hero, but has his own moral code of goodness and justice that he relies on to give him direction in some very sticky situations where right and wrong blend into gray. When you’re dealing with pirates, who have their own laws and sense of fairness, the hero has some difficult choices to make, but Crogan is tough enough to handle anything they throw at him.

The plot rolls along with barely a stop, and every circumstance flows into the next with beautiful harmony, weaving a story of betrayal, murder, plunder, and ultimately “vengeance”.

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