Book Review: The Anybodies

The Anybodies
The Anybodies by N.E. Bode

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fern is a magical girl with a secret parentage, and when she meets her true father, The Bone, and leaves her extremely dull adoptive parents, she is swept into adventure and danger. The Bone’s archnemesis, The Miser, is lurking in the shadows and plotting evil, and it’s up to Fern to discover the secrets of her parents’ murky past in order to puzzle through the future and find her true identity.

Fairies, several famous Rabbits with pocket watches and blue coats missing buttons, an enigmatic Robin, a rather large Peach, and a few tiny Borrowers make their appearances in this bookish book for book lovers. When characters and objects start falling out of their books, you never know who or what will pop into the story!

I liked how the various storybook characters have very small parts, but this storyline is entirely Fern’s own story. The other characters never hijack HER story, but stay firmly in the background.
The plot is funny and silly and surprising. I loved the ridiculous plot twists, that despite their absurdity were somehow still believable within the world of the story.

The best parts of this book are Fern’s unruly spirit and her budding friendship with her father, The Bone. At first, the two are very awkward with each other, not willing to admit their feelings. Seeing them gradually rely on each other and begin to understand and appreciate each other was simply brilliant writing and delightful to read!

Fern has a wild spirit and an unruly mind, her thoughts flying in all directions at once. She casts off the shackles of dullness and politeness and perfection, so that she can be simply and beautifully herself. Her personality is hilarious and sweet and curious and brave. I adore her, and she is the perfect main character for a bouncing plot like this.

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