Book Review: Ennara and the Fallen Druid

Ennara and the Fallen Druid
Ennara and the Fallen Druid by Angela Myron

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Ennara has to hide her identity as a child with magical abilities, because she would most likely be kidnapped, enslaved, and forced to use her magic to benefit evil masters. She wears gloves to cover the tattoos on her hands that mark her as a magic user, but her mentor, Tork, trains her in the use of white magic.
When a shadowy demon begins attacking her village, Ennara is sent on a quest with Tork to recover the only weapon that could defeat the shadows, the Sword of Gisilfrid. But the sword is hidden in a sunken city deep below the ocean waves, and Ennara will need the help of her friends to defeat the evil Fallen Druid and retrieve the sword.

Treachery, spies, shadow magic, elemental magic, adventure, magical history, quests, friendship, love, and of course the power of family… this book has a great story line! I love how there is such an emphasis on light and sunshine and warmth, as opposed to the darkness and shadows.

The world building isn’t particularly original, but I liked the descriptions of the sunken city. The characters are fairly generic as well, but I liked them all pretty well and cared about them. The plot is interesting, but it felt a little disjointed, like the scenes just didn’t flow well into the next portion of the story.

The most amazing part of this entire book was Smoos, the aquatic cat. This cat can breathe underwater, talk to dolphins, and generally accompanies a ship’s crew to bring them good luck on their sea voyages. Smoos is intelligent and sassy without being able to say a word. His body language says it all, just as a real cat does! He has no dialogue, but he’s my favorite character.

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