Book Review: The Tightrope Walker

The Tightrope Walker
The Tightrope Walker by Dorothy Gilman

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

When quiet Amelia finds an old note from a woman about to be murdered, Amelia finds herself compelled to follow the mystery and find out what happened to the woman. Along the way, she is launched into life, meeting new people, falling in love, and gaining confidence in her own abilities. As she uncovers the murderous secrets of the past, Amelia’s own past rises up to haunt her, and she has to choose to cover up her own neurosis, or free herself to live life to the full.

The mystery plot is really good! I was kept guessing and in suspense to the very end, and I was amazed how every little puzzle piece, that made no sense in the beginning, fell right into place at the end. I loved it!

Amelia is a very weird and quirky person. She’s lives inside her own head, and doesn’t care much about appearances. She likes weird stuff, and buys an antique business to start her career. I liked her, but she worries too much about her own brain, since she goes to a psychiatrist who tells her she has a mental complex. She’s actually just a normal person with some quirks, if everybody would just leave her alone and let her be herself! Seeing her begin to trust herself was the best part of the story!

I did NOT like that Amelia falls in love with the first guy she meets, and then they end up sleeping together after they’ve known each other for a week. Seriously?! It didn’t even fit with her character. She’s thoughtful and quiet and unassuming. And Joe is serious-minded and kind-hearted and not a jerk! So why did that even happen? It didn’t enhance the story. It didn’t enhance the characters. It was just thrown in for stupidity’s sake.

All the supporting characters were very well-written, and you could just see the past unfolding as the main characters met and interviewed people from the murdered woman’s life. Each of their personalities added another dimension to the mystery!

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