Book Review: The Rivers of Zadaa

The Rivers of Zadaa
The Rivers of Zadaa by D.J. MacHale

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

How is it possible that every single book in this series is so amazing?! I adore every page!
In this book, Bobby is on Loor’s home territory of Zadaa, and there is a war looming between two tribes, the surface warriors of the Batu and the underground city of the Rokador. A terrible drought threatens both their civilizations, but the Batu think the Rokador are controlling the underground river sources and holding all the water for themselves.
Bobby and Loor are caught in the middle of espionage and small skirmishes between the tribes, trying with all their Traveler ingenuity to stop the war from starting. And of course, the horrible Saint Dane is lurking around causing trouble.

The plot twists! I still can barely wrap my head around the stuff that goes on in this story. Non-stop action, and things happening everywhere!
Bobby gets into some serious trouble in this one, and he makes some very bad mistakes; but somehow his mistakes turn out for the better, and his friends are always there to bail him out just seconds before he gets killed. The suspense really leaves you hanging until the last possible second though! The best part is that the danger feels real. You really don’t know if they’re all going to make it or not.

I have always loved Loor’s character! She’s so strong and confident. She doesn’t beat around the bush, or play nice. She’s incredibly straight-forward and honest, but also kind and compassionate. She tells it like it is, whether it’s negative or positive. She sees things in black and white and has more common sense than any of the others. I just adore this woman!
Seeing Bobby and Loor become closer friends was simply wonderful, and seeing Loor on her home territory really opened up her character’s personality and past. Brilliant writing!

I can’t wait to read the next book!

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