Book Review: Confessions of a Church Kid: Honest Thoughts on Finding God and Becoming Myself

Confessions of a Church Kid: Honest Thoughts on Finding God and Becoming Myself
Confessions of a Church Kid: Honest Thoughts on Finding God and Becoming Myself by Elyse Murphy

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This is a cute little book, but I DNF’d it. The blurb say it’s a “cheeky memoir” about this girls experiences growing up as a church kid, and while I appreciate her basic concepts and moral lessons about being yourself and relying on God, it was a little too “cheeky” for me. Whatever that means.

It was cliche. It was a little shallow. No new or deep ideas about Christianity or what it means to part of a church. There’s all these cutesy little aside comments to the reader that got on my nerves.

The worst part was that the author again and again tells about some experience she had and then derives a completely erroneous moral lesson from it.
She tells about how her parents pressured her into going on this 69-mile spiritual hike, even though she told them she’s not an outdoorsy person and it scared her to death to go out in the wilderness. Then she says that it was such a great learning experience. What?! Learning that other people can pressure you into being someone you’re not and taking part in activities that frighten you? That’s just awful. What terrible parents!

Then on that hike, she falls and sprains her wrist. The doctor tells her to go home, rest, and abandon the hike. Somehow, she thinks it’s a great idea to ignore the doctor’s advice and push herself to continue this completely unnecessary hike, because of her “don’t tell me what to do stubbornness” (Her words). She makes a joke about needing to work off the carbs she had eaten, and casually mentions that during the rest of the hike she fell again on her already injured wrist!
That’s not spiritual! That’s stupid and reckless. I don’t care how much you “learned” about your fellow man or what spiritual experience you had out in nature. God doesn’t want you to be careless and reckless with the body that He gave you.

Every story was either cliche and trite, or with a terrible backwards message. I don’t know what this is… but it’s not wisdom. I’m sure the author had good intentions, but I can’t read this nonsense.

Disclaimer: I received this book from the author in exchange for a free and honest review. All the opinions stated here are my own thoughts, and are not influenced by anyone.
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