Book Review: A Stranger at Green Knowe

A Stranger at Green Knowe
A Stranger at Green Knowe by L.M. Boston

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

In this story, a gorilla escapes from the zoo and hides in the thicket behind Green Knowe, where Ping befriends and hides him.

This is not my favorite of the Green Knowe books, because I’m very “meh” about monkey stories, especially when monkeys are constantly being compared to men. Monkeys, gorillas, or any other primate are NOT like men. Seriously? They are animals. They work on instinct. That’s pretty much it. Are they interesting and majestic? Yes, sure! But it gets so annoying after the first 100 pages to constantly hear how the gorilla’s expression was just SO human. bleh.

But of course, I adore the old house of Green Knowe, and the delightful grandmother Mrs. Oldknow, and the enigmatic Ping!
I loved that Ping was the main character for this story. He’s such a shining character, and he has a beautiful soul with deep and open thoughts. There’s so much to explore in his character, so I’m glad he has his own story to bring out more of his personality and everything.

And naturally, the writing is so incredible that I can feel just what Ping is feeling. There’s a spell of words woven around the Green Knowe stories that is really something special and true. I feel that I know that old house. I have lived there and slept there and playing in that garden. I’ve been swimming in the river, and come in for a late tea with Mrs. Oldknow.
I love this series so much!

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