Book Review: Stars Above

Stars Above
Stars Above by Marissa Meyer

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

All my Lunar dreams come true in this book! I loved reading the backstories of so many characters, seeing them developing and growing as children into the people we know and love in the series. And then there was the wedding!!! I was laughing and crying and smiling through my tears. All my beloved characters happy and together and prospering- I’m in reader heaven!

Most of these I had already read as the short stories came out bit by bit, and of course, I adore them all. The new stories definitely did not disappoint me either!

‘The Keeper’ is a story told from Michelle Benoit’s POV (Scarlet’s grandmother) as the toddler Cinder is first brought to Earth in medical stasis and hidden on the Benoit farm. I have always adored Michelle Benoit and admired her- such a tough old lady! It was fantastic to have a story about her!

There’s a little story, ‘After Sunshine Passes By’, about Cress being first sent to live on the satellite and she’s so little and helpless and orphan sad. Aw, I just felt so awful for her. But I kept reminding myself that Carson is on his way to save her, and that made me feel better.

There is a heart-breaking and beautiful story about little Winter first deciding that she won’t use her Lunar Gift, and her relationship with Jacin as they are growing up. Winter is such an amazing person, and seeing her as a little girl, first realizing the true nature of the Lunar court and her character developing as a result… just incredible writing!
Winter makes tough decisions and sticks to them even when she is threatened and ill, because she cares about being a good and kind person. She doesn’t want to become like Levana, and that shapes her whole personality. Jacin has always been an enigmatic character for me, but seeing him as a child and a young man has really opened my eyes into his personality and what shaped him in the beginning. Just brilliant writing with all the character development!

Then there’s a delightful little story of the first meeting between Kai and Cinder, but told from Kai’s POV, and I loved it so much! We don’t get to be inside Kai’s head very much, so this was a really enjoyable read. Kai is so charming and sweet from the inside out, and seeing his reaction to Cinder was just adorable!

And then the wedding!!! Aaahhhh!!! So good! I’m not even going to say anything, except that it was perfection, and it surprised me, and I had no clue what was happening until it was all going along. Every one of my OTPs is happy and together and lovely! And I was glad that it wasn’t this extra-sentimental stupid wedding stuff. It was true to the characters and their personalities, a little rough and a little snarky and a lot of hilarity. It was sentimental, sure, but not overly so. I loved every second of it!

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