Book Review: The Adventures of Superhero Girl

The Adventures of Superhero Girl
The Adventures of Superhero Girl by Faith Erin Hicks

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

These comics are wonderfully clever and fun! They are set up almost like daily comic strips with little punchlines, but with a longer story line too.
Superhero Girl has some awesome superpowers, but struggles to pay her rent, buys capes at secondhand thrift stores, and suffers from insecurity because her brother is a cooler, more popular superhero. When she has to put up with snarky comments from Skeptical Guy AND battle an alien monster, Superhero Girl has to call up all her patience and superhero know-how to save the day, and get her laundry done.

I think what I love most about Superhero Girl is that she doesn’t have all the answers. She is forgetful and weird and insecure and irritable. She’s a person! She tries really hard to be a good superhero, but her version of that just doesn’t look like the other guys, so she’s kind of a wild card. Doing her own thing.

I laughed and laughed and chuckled and giggled and then laughed some more! ‘Nuff said. It’s delightful and hilarious. Read. It. Now!

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