Book Review: Emlyn’s Moon

Emlyn's Moon
Emlyn’s Moon by Jenny Nimmo
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is utterly enchanting! I liked that instead of being told from Gwyn’s POV, as the first book was, this one is told from Nia’s perspective. Nia comes from a large family, where she feels inadequate as the middle child. But when she is called upon to reunite a broken family, she has to search deep within herself for the strength and talent that she’s always possessed. Nia helps Emlyn search for his lost mother, and with Gwyn’s magical help, they encounter adventure and mystery beyond the world they know.

The writing is absolutely delicious! I can feel every word- dazzling and woven about the story, painting a landscape of thought, and drawing me into a magical place. Sometimes I had to stop and reread a sentence just to relish every beautiful word. There is so much genius in this book!

Nia’s journey of self-discovery is paralleled perfectly by the mysterious events surrounding Emlyn and his mother. I love how Nia gains confidence bit by bit through the story, and her creativity begins to blossom! She is a delightfully complex character.

I can’t wait to read the next book in this trilogy!

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