Book Review: Fell Farm Campers

Fell Farm Campers
Fell Farm Campers by Marjorie Lloyd

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed reading this classic little story about four siblings who go camping in the fells (mountains).

Pat and Jan are the two brothers, and I liked how they can be tough, rough and tumble, but also very protective and gentle with their sisters, Hyacinth and Kay. The siblings make a great team, and they go hiking all over the mountains, making camp near a farmhouse, where the farmer and his wife give them their meals.

I think this is the third book in the Fell Farm series, but you can easily read it as a stand-alone.

The adventures the siblings have are everyday things but charming and interesting. They set up the details of their camp site, and take their first hike up the trails. A killer wild dog is loose among the sheep and they join the hunt to track it down. Two rude boys from the city make trouble for the siblings. They hike up to the top of the mountains where there is still snow and must find their way back down. Jan is the bird-watcher of the group, and he drags Hyacinth on an adventure on the tarn (lake) looking for a tawny owl. After days of rain, the camp tents are nearly flooded out, and the children have to find dry ground.
Lots of little adventures for the gang to show their mettle and have their fun!

This book reminded me a little bit of Little House on the Prairie, since it’s all about the details of survival in the outdoors. The style and feeling of the writing is similar too.
Altogether a delightful book, and I would love to read the rest of the series!

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