Book Review: Twilight Tenth Anniversary/Life and Death Dual Edition

Twilight Tenth Anniversary/Life and Death Dual Edition
Twilight Tenth Anniversary/Life and Death Dual Edition by Stephenie Meyer

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have always loved the Twilight series, and I don’t care what anyone says! Meyer’s writing always draws me in and holds my attention and my heart, and this book was no exception.

The story is almost exactly Twilight again, just with all the genders swapped. Most of the dialogue is the same with a few changes, and almost the entire story is copy and pasted from Twilight. The ending is changed, however, and I found that very interesting! I prefer the ending of Twilight, but seeing this “what if?” ending was like a little adventure into the possibilities of the imagination. I liked it!

Edythe and Beau are a delightful couple, and I was enchanted all over again seeing them fall in love. I wished that their personalities were a little different from Edward and Bella though. I guess I wanted the characters to be wholly reimagined, and not just the same personality placed in a different gender. There are subtle differences though, like Beau feels impossibly protective of Edythe, even though he knows she’s indestructible. He wants to give her his coat, as if she could feel the cold. He wants to open doors for her and carry her books. haha! It’s adorable to see him struggling with this manly protective instinct versus her obvious lack of any need of protection.

Through most of the book I was trying to keep track of all the gender swapped people. In my head they were still Edward and Bella and Alice and Jasper and Mike and Jacob, etc… So I kept stopping to think, “Wait, so Archie is… who is this? Oh yeah! This is Alice.” haha! But after the halfway mark I eased into the story more, and started thinking of the characters as their own selves, instead of remembering them from before.

I’m so pleased with this addition to the Twilight universe! It has made me remember why I loved Twilight so much in the beginning.

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