Book Review: The War at Ellsmere

The War at Ellsmere
The War at Ellsmere by Faith Erin Hicks

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I adore this graphic novel! Juniper is a scholarship student who attends a fancy girls boarding school. She makes friends (and enemies) on her very first day, and has to hold her own in the new more competitive learning climate. But there is also a mysterious legend about the old forest and whatever monster or myth might be lurking in its dark shadows.
I’m growing to love Faith Erin Hicks work! Her stories are interesting and surprising, and the artwork is just so beautiful!

I really liked the character development in this book. Each character has their own background story, their own motivations and flaws. I felt really connected to the characters within just a few pages. It’s just brilliant story-telling!

The action in this story is told so powerfully through the artwork, that I was pumping my fist in the air and hollering, “Yes!” when someone (who shall remain nameless) got punched in the face! How amazing is it that a picture can call forth that kind of triumphant emotion in a scene?!

Can’t wait to read more graphic novels from this artist!

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