Series Review: Tiger’s Curse Saga by Colleen Houck

This is a series review of the entire Tiger’s Curse Saga by Colleen Houck!  I loved these books!

“The last thing Kelsey Hayes thought she’d be doing this summer was trying to break a 300-year-old Indian curse. With a mysterious white tiger named Ren. Halfway around the world. But that’s exactly what happened. Face-to-face with dark forces, spellbinding magic, and mystical worlds where nothing is what it seems, Kelsey risks everything to piece together an ancient prophecy that could break the curse forever. Tiger’s Curse is an epic fantasy-romance that will leave you breathless and yearning for more.”  -GoodReads Description

Tiger's Curse Tiger’s Curse by Colleen Houck My rating: 4 of 5 stars I loved loved this book! The magic and mystery, the adventure and mystical Indian setting, the sweet romance and puzzling myths… all these drew me in and made me forget that I was reading a book! I loved all the characters; the delicious Ren, and sweet Kelsey, the enigmatic Kishan, and grandfatherly Mr. Kadam. The romance between Ren and Kelsey is sweet and slow. Ren is such a gentlemen, and his tiger situation makes things so complicated and interesting. My only complaint is that sometimes Ren is just TOO perfect. I mean, give the guy a couple of adorable flaws! But towards the middle and end, we began to see more of his inner struggle, and I think it’s in keeping with his character that he tries so hard to be perfect and say the perfect thing all the time. We find out later that inside he’s falling apart just like everyone else. I liked Kelsey’s character a lot, and seeing her dealing with the adventures, the danger, and her feelings for Ren was a wonderful roller coaster ride! I was right there with her through every chapter! I loved Kishan’s black tiger character! He’s so deep and dark and angry at the world, but with a good heart, despite all his flirting and teasing. He really intrigued me; I wanted to solve that mystery behind his character. Mr. Kadam is just adorable, and I wish we had more of his backstory. He’s kind of a static character, but his steady reliability is definitely needed in the story. I would like to see more character development for him in the rest of the books. I wish the adventure were more prominent; sometimes it feels like the romance takes center stage, and the adventure doesn’t have the development or depth that it could have had. There are lulls in the action, and the pacing can be slow in places, especially in the beginning. The first 60 pages could have been condensed down to about 6 pages. Still, it is never boring! Even the bland scenes in the plot are charged with questions about what will happen next. The setting in the jungles and temples of India is absolutely enchanting! Everything is so mystical and different, the food, the cities, the hotels, the clothing, the traditions, and all the magical temples and spiritual myths. I was wondering a little about what part Hinduism would play in the story, since the characters actually call on the blessings of pagan gods; but it blended well with the magic curses and magical objects into a fine fantasy story. It is not overly religious; it’s just a fairy tale with old Hindu myths woven in. I am picking up the second book in the series immediately! I can’t wait another second to keep reading!   Tiger's Quest Tiger’s Quest by Colleen Houck My rating: 4 of 5 stars My heart is dying! I can’t even handle this wonderful series. My life is falling apart, and I’m crying four times a day or more. I just keep reading and reading and ignoring real life, because these books have completely captured me. I liked that the first third of the book was set in Oregon, and the rest of the book back in India. Somehow even boring old Oregon took on a luster and a glow of magic! I was glad to see that the pacing was better in this book than in the first one. The writing has definitely improved, and the adventure parts of the story were more carefully thought out with more complex puzzles and better plot twists. So happy with this writing! Kishan and Ren are my heroes for all time. They are both my favorite people in the world. I just want to hug them, kiss each cheek, and make them be happy! I am totally in love with them both. I love how they are different in many ways, (and their personalities show through the writing in delicious detail) but they are also very similar too. Kelsey continues to amaze with her vulnerability, her strength, and her character development. She’s smart as a whip, and runs circles around those stupid tigers! I just adore her character. Every step of the way through the story, I’m cheering for her, and crying with her, and holding my breath in fear and suspense right along with her. The only thing that annoyed me was the excessive use of italics, and the TWO love triangles. I mean, one love triangle is enough for any book, but TWO?!?! Was that really necessary? Okay, but I still loved every second of it. If you had to write two love triangles, you just did it right, because I adored every chapter. haha! I am IMMEDIATELY picking up the third book in this series. Oh yeah. I’m not even waiting a second before getting my eyeballs on that new chapter. There are very few series that I have ever read straight through all the books without stopping to read something else; this is one of them.   Tiger's Voyage Tiger’s Voyage by Colleen Houck My rating: 4 of 5 stars This series just gets better and better! The action is pretty much non-stop with this book, and the adventure is wonderful. Just amazing story-telling! It’s so great to see all these little details falling into place, and the world-building, the myths, and the magical objects are so imaginative. The story arc gets more and more grand and epic as the books go on. I loved the dragons so much! Each dragon is unique and interesting and magical. The quests and trials were all so different. It really kept my interest, even after all the quests that had come before. I usually don’t like love triangles, but this one is just so well-written! I can’t help it; I love it! It works because ALL the characters in the triangle are well-developed, and not just used as a plot device to ratchet up the tension. The relationship between Kelsey and Ren and Kishan just gets more and more heart-breaking and complicated, and I adore every touching scene. Kelsey is more of a wreck than ever, and I love her for it. She gets confused and says the wrong thing, she’s scared out of her mind, she’s weak and helpless; but through everything, she just keeps on. She is beginning to show the most wonderful drive and determination in the face of impossible odds and impossible feelings and crippling fear. She summons up courage from somewhere, she thinks deeply on the lessons of life (usually getting it wrong, as we humans do), and she just keeps on. I am so proud of her for being stupid and sarcastic and sweet, for staying humble and selfless, and for her undeniable humanity. Once again, I stayed up until 2:00am reading this book. I just couldn’t put it down! I don’t know how I’m going to survive through reading the next book in the series without a soul-tearing, heart-breaking meltdown.   Tiger's Destiny Tiger’s Destiny by Colleen Houck My rating: 4 of 5 stars I basically cried through this entire book. My heart is entirely broken into little pieces. It’s going to take me a long time to get over the book hangover from this one. I have been completely swept into the Tiger world, and I’m not sure I will ever totally emerge. The mystical Indian setting and the mythical quests and prophecies just keep coming in this book! The whole Tiger world is absolutely enchanting. I love how the magic is entwined with old Hindu myths! I fell in love with each of these characters, and I was cheering and groaning and laughing and crying for them through all four books. The tension keeps building, and the story becomes more epic as it goes along. The stakes are higher through every quest! The philosophy keeps getting deeper as the characters learn more about themselves and their true destiny. I loved Kelsey’s interactions with the Phoenix, and the depth of her character as she struggles with moral lessons and emotional truths. She’s always growing and learning; one of the many things I love about her. She has such a good heart, that she can even influence the most evil people she encounters. As always, Kelsey does stupid stuff and makes mistakes, but she always faces up to things and rarely makes the same mistake twice. I love her humanity in the midst of her glorious strength. I was so glad to see a happy ending, although it squeezed my heart! It really couldn’t have ended any other way, and I am satisfied with the conclusion to all these marvelous adventures, but I’m also longing for more.   Tiger's Promise Tiger’s Promise by Colleen Houck My rating: 3 of 5 stars I liked this little novella pretty well, but it didn’t blow me away like the books did. While reading the series, I had already gotten into the habit of disliking Yesubai, so it took me awhile to warm up to her in this book. The story is so short that there isn’t much room for development anyway. It was heartbreaking to see the cruelty and pain in Yesubai’s childhood with her horrible father. I really admired that she was so determined to be a good person, despite her father’s terrible influence. To see her mental and physical suffering was awful, but an example of what good writing this author has, since I really felt Yesubai’s anguish in her circumstances and her simple pleasure in small things like flowers. I barely skimmed over the chapter from Yuvakshi’s perspective. Her tragic story was just too depressing, so I wanted to get through it and be done. I loved the chapter from Ren’s perspective! It just shows again what a sweet and wonderful guy he is; so full of hope and kindness! View all my reviews

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