Review: In Todd We Trust

In Todd We Trust
In Todd We Trust by Louise Galveston
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I really liked this second book about the Toddlians! Those tiny people have such interesting and varied personalities, and they keep me laughing.
Todd has grown up a bit; he’s more confident and self-assured, but still struggling with the concept of responsibility. Todd is such a great character! He’s learning and growing all the time. He makes dumb mistakes and brilliant decisions. He’s brave and scared at the same time. Just great writing!

I love the interaction between Todd and his friends, especially the girls. They are wonderful supporting characters to Todd’s story. Lucy is such a fun character, with all her science-experiments and everything. I think I love her the most.
It was delightful seeing Todd’s reactions every time he saw Charity. His descriptions of her hair are priceless!

The plot in this book really kept me interested, and I loved how all the different elements in the story pulled together at the end.

Once again, while I only gave this book 3 stars, I’m sure that any young kids would be giving it 5 stars! I’m not the target audience, after all. If I had read this when I was 10, I would have given it 5 stars, no question.

Also there’s a reference to Veronica Mars! This book is legit! My nerdy heart just loves it.

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