The Violet Awakening| Book Review

Angela Dawson thought she had left the white walls of The Facility behind her for good, but the combination of a suspicious earthquake and a picture of a familiar face forces her to realize that she was mistaken.

A new darkness within the underground-prison beckons her return, and leads to a decision no person should ever have to make. Weighing the value of revenge against the value of life, Angie has no choice but to accept that she may not be the kind of person she’d thought she was.

An encroaching threat makes the prospect of war all too real, and the sudden urgency to locate the others from her generation leaves Angie with an unnerving realization; The Elementums may have more dangerous things to worry about than The Destructive Ones.

Through secrets, deceit, and loss, Angie is left with only a dream and the words of a fallen friend to guide her; Be wary of the Violets. – Goodreads Description

How is it possible that this book is even better than the first one? I’m impressed with the wit, the snarky jokes, the fast-paced writing, the suspense, and plot twists- all so good! Especially the character development,

and the relationship between Angie and Lakin! I loved seeing those two getting to know one another more.

I was crying, then snorting with laughter, then I was crying again. Such delightful dialogue between characters, and very touching scenes of reunion or grief. Just great writing!

The plot twists kept me guessing through the whole book, and the character development kept me guessing too. After these characters have been through some stuff and grown and discovered more about themselves, the big question is… How will they react now? Do they get revenge? Do they fall into bitterness and hatred? Angie has been strong for so long, how can she continue on? And it is entirely believable too! There’s none of that certainty that the “good guys” will always be good guys, and they would never murder or lie or steal. There is a REAL question mark here concerning the morality of our heroes! Can they find the strength to choose the good side? What IS the good side anyway? What are the repercussions of their choices? Wonderfully complex characters, especially Angie.

The setting is so entirely different from the first book. The world-building has a much larger scope now, and I love how imaginative the structure of this world is, the rules that govern the Elementums abilities, etc…

My one quibble is that there are so many characters that I can’t keep them all straight. I can remember about 10 people, and then I get lost. Maybe it will be easier to keep them orderly in my head when I re-read the books.

Disclosure: I received this book free from the publisher or author for review. The opinions stated here are my own, and are not influenced by the publisher or anyone else.

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