Dreaming of a Book Palace

I just dreamed the most wonderful dream of my entire life! I was in a palace of old library books that were being given away for free! To Keep!

There were old fashioned chairs, and grand staircases, and hidden nooks with massive shelves.
And impressive liveried attendants who guided the books and directed the people to old-timey elevators. Some of the attendants were friendly, but others fiercely guarded their section as if afraid that the books we took would not be loved properly.

Each section was clearly labeled and I found that if you addressed the books in that section politely they would jump off the shelves and into your arms. “hello Fantasy books. You are looking lovely today. Would any books by Tolkien please come down?” And gorgeous old editions would come floating into my arms! When my arms got too full, and I would just say “Books! follow me. ” and they would obligingly float along after me.

The other patrons of the book palace did not have such a magic relationship with the books. They looked at me funny when I talked to the books because I guess they couldn’t see the magic, but I didn’t care.

There was one little girl that I found in the children’s section, and immediately knew that she could see the magic too. We smiled at one another, and she said “I wish they had bigger books in this section. I need something more serious.” She was quite precocious! I recommended a list of Shakespeare’s plays, Robert Frost’s poems, and essays by Chesterton. But we had no paper to write down the list! An obliging book tore off one of its own flyleafs for us to use! We were horrified, but the book rustled its pages to show that it was all right.

I remember finding very specific books too. I was ecstatic to find the entire Young Wizards series by Diane Duane. Several copies of The Hobbit kept following me around, and I felt bad that I could only take one of them home. I found lost editions of Jane Austen’s unknown manuscripts!

However, some books were aggressive. They either wanted to be picked when I didn’t want them, or they didn’t want to go when I told them to follow. Pesky little things, how I love them! But most books were glad to be loved and taken home.

I accidentally wandered into the Horror room, and was startled by an antique chest of drawers that growled at me! Apparently the palace furniture had begun to take on the qualities of the genre of books with which it was surrounded.
All part of the magic!

I can’t describe the ecstatic sense of discovery at finding the perfect illustrated book by a favorite author! I was in a constant state of bliss! I could have lived there for the rest of my life and never needed food or drink.

My dad came looking for me and had to drag me out of the book palace. I kept ducking away from him into more rooms full of books, but he finally got me out the door! When I got all my new friends into my car, I couldn’t see out the windows to drive! Why can’t I dream this every night?

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