December 2013 Reading

These are the books I read in December!
Sorry about the buzzing noise. My neighbors were leaf-blowing or something in their yard. What do you think of my fuzzy poncho?! It sheds furry strands everywhere. haha!

Books I Read in December 2013:

Homesick: My Own Story, by Fritz, Jean
The Dragon Prince, by Blum, Vicki
Jake Ransom and the Skull King’s Shadow, by Rollins, James
Murder on Astor Place (Gaslight Mystery, #1), by Thompson, Victoria
The Enchanted Wood, by Blyton, Enid
The Merchant of Death (Pendragon, #1), by MacHale, D.J.
For Your Paws Only (Spy Mice), by Frederick, Heather Voger
Cecile: Gates of Gold (Girls of Many Lands), by Casanova, Mary
A House Called Awful End (Eddie Dickens Trilogy, #1), by Ardagh, Philip
Mother Carey’s Chickens, by Wiggin, Kate Douglas
Why Not Catch-21?: The Stories Behind the Titles, by Dexter, Gary
The Musketeer’s Seamstress (A Musketeers Mystery, #2), by D’Almeida, Sarah

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